Biden Admin Forces Out ex-Trump Officials from Military Academy Boards


The Biden administration has told ex-Trump appointees from military Academy boards to resign or be dismissed. It signals new measures coming for unvaccinated Americans and more stories in Democratic politics.

Biden admin to ex-Trump military Academy officials: Resign or be dismissed

The Biden administration has sent letters to 18 individuals, who are officials appointed by former President Donald Trump, to resign from three different military service Academy advisory boards or th3ey will get dismissed, Politico reported. The move is to remove trump loyalists. However, it sets up a potentially dynamic legal and political battle.

According to the White House, the list includes the Board of Visitors to the Air Force Academy, Military Academy, and the Naval Academy.

The appointees include several retired generals, former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, and former national security advisor H.R. McMaster, who is being honored by West Point later this week.

“The president’s objective is what any president’s objective is, which was to ensure that you have nominees and people serving on these boards who are qualified to serve on them and who are aligned with your values,” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said on Wednesday, confirming the intended removal of the Trump appointees.

White House signals new measures coming for unvaccinated Americans, including ordering all federal workers must be vaccinated, no exceptions

President Joe Biden is scheduled to announce new measures on Thursday for unvaccinated Americans, the White House said.

On Wednesday, the White House press secretary said the new components would affect people across the country, The Hill reported.

“There are six steps the president’s announcing, there will be new components,” Psaki said. “Some of that will be related to access to testing, some will be related to mandates, some will be related to how we ensure kids will be protected in schools.”

Biden is also expected to announce more stringent rules on federal workers, encouraging private businesses to do the same. The president may sign an executive order requiring all federal workers to be vaccinated with no option of being regularly tested to opt-out of the requirement, according to a source familiar with the plans, CNN reported. Another executive order directing the same standard to be extended to employees of contractors who do business with the federal government may also be signed.

Jill Biden returns to teaching, making history

Jill Biden returned to teaching, heading back to work in a Northern Virginia community college classroom, making history as the first presidential spouse to hold a full-time job while also serving as First Lady, ABC reported. Jill was also the first, second lady to continue her full-time career while having a husband serving as vice president.

Jill is teaching two sections of an introductory academic writing course.

Schumer rejects Manchin’s call for a ‘strategic pause’ on $3.5T spending bill

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) rejects Senator Joe Manchin’s call for Democrats to make a “strategic pause” in their plan for a $3.5 trillion spending bill, Politico reported.

“Where moving full speed ahead,” Schumer told reporters on Wednesday. “We want to keep going forward. We think getting this done is so important for the American people.”

The $3.5 trillion spending package includes provisions for battling climate change, boosting social programs, and the tax policy.

Manchin (D-WV) wrote in an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal last week that he “won’t support a $3.5 trillion bill, or anywhere near that level of additional spending, without greater clarity.” Other moderates, such as Senator Kyrsten Sinema(D-AZ), also said she would not support $3.5 trillion.