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Biden Challenges Trumps Rosy View of US Economy as Coronavirus Surges

Former Vice President Joe Biden is pushing back on president Donald Trump’s “spectacular” jobs report as the US had back-to-back record-breaking days of new coronavirus cases; plus, more top stories and democratic election politics.

Biden challenges Trump’s rosy economic outlook as COVID-19 skyrockets

On Thursday, the latest statistics released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that the US added 4.8 million new jobs in June and unemployment dropped by 2.2 percent to a rate of 11.1 percent.

“Our economy is roaring back,” President Donald Trump said. “These are historic numbers.”

After making his statements on the improving economy, President Trump quickly exited, refusing to take any questions from reporters.

However, in the view of former Vice President Joe Biden, President Trump is only looking at a very small piece of good news within a larger picture that shows America is in a major crisis, CNBC reported.

“Make no mistake, we’re still in a deep, deep job hole because Donald Trump has so badly bungled the response to coronavirus,” said Biden in comments that were carried across cable news channels. “For everyone whose job hasn’t come back, for everyone who doesn’t own stock, who can’t get a sweetheart loan through connections, does this feel like a victory?”

“People are scared,” Biden continued. “They’re worried about their families and about their future.”

The presumptive Democratic nominee went on to criticize the president for prematurely celebrating a victory far short of the goal line.

“Just like last month, President Trump has spiked the ball and made this about him,” Biden said. “He doesn’t seem to realize he’s not even on the 50-yard line.”

Biden slams Trump for claiming America is “roaring back” when states are rolling back due to record COVID-19 cases

The number of new coronavirus infections in the US has risen dramatically, setting day after day new record-levels of infection. On Wednesday, the US reported 51,097 new cases, and on Thursday the number jumped to 57,236, as America is creeping towards 3 million COVID-19 infections, according to the latest statistics by

Biden criticized Trump for touting improved job numbers and claiming the US is “roaring back,” while ignoring the increasingly troublesome and concerning spiking coronavirus cases across the US that is causing numerous states to actually rollback opening up.

“For parents who are worried that kids can’t go back to school in the fall, do you feel like this is mission accomplished?” Biden asked. “For the people in states where Covid-19 is spiking, and we’re seeing record high numbers of infections, do you feel like this crisis is under control? Of course not.”

On Thursday, USA Today reported that at least 21 states are now rolling back their reopening measures due to the rapidly spiking number of coronavirus cases. Measures include making it mandatory for residents to wear masks indoors or where they would have contact with others, shutting down bars, gyms, theaters, water parks, decreasing occupancy levels at restaurants and halting elective surgeries.


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