Newsom Easily Defeats CA Recall Efforts, Democrats Revive Filibuster Fight

Ellis Logan

California Governor Gavin Newsom survives recall effort in California with big Democratic support and massive cash haul from rich donors, while Senate Democrats to revive filibuster fight and top stories in Democratic politics. Newsom survives recall after big donors deliver over $70 million and Biden, Obama support California Governor Gavin …

Biden Admin Forces Out ex-Trump Officials from Military Academy Boards

Ellis Logan

The Biden administration has told ex-Trump appointees from military Academy boards to resign or be dismissed. It signals new measures coming for unvaccinated Americans and more stories in Democratic politics. Biden admin to ex-Trump military Academy officials: Resign or be dismissed The Biden administration has sent letters to 18 individuals, …

Biden Commits to Evacuation of Remaining Americans in Afghanistan

Ellis Logan

President Joe Biden defended the withdrawal of the US military from Afghanistan while committing to evacuating remaining Americans; plus, more of this week’s top stories in Democratic politics. Biden defends Afghanistan withdrawal and commits to evacuating remaining Americans President Joe Biden gave a fierce defense of the withdrawal of the …

How to Start Building Your Credit

Ellis Logan

If you go to get a loan, whether it’s for a car, a house, or just for personal use, you need good credit. Credit is a quick indicator of your financial trustworthiness. Pretty much every aspect of your financial life gets easier when you’ve got good credit. But if you …

Planning, Deferring and Saving: Patience Saves Money

Chad North

We all know what it feels like to get your paycheck after weeks of waiting, turn around to spend it on the things you’ve been dying to buy, and then run out of money days later. This paycheck-to-paycheck feeling is awful, and can make you feel like there’s nothing you …

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